Bali Safari & Marine Park review – 13 fun things to do your kids will love

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Have you or your children always dreamed of staying on a safari and waking up to the roar of lions?
If you're looking for an unconventional family experience, you'll love Bali Safari & Marine Park, where you can eat, sleep and play with animals.
Jia Yi and I had two good nights at the safari complex and there was so much activity that it was not even enough for us to savor it all.
So be prepared - we will now share 13 unforgettable adventures that you would never have imagined to find there.

13 fun things to do your kids will love

1. Wake up to the roar of the lion
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When dawn breaks, you can literally hear the lions roar and be greeted by the sound of birds chatting on the roof of your cabin.
Once you have opened the doors of your balcony, your neighbor is the zebra, grazing peacefully outside.
And guess what, you can even throw a carrot or two on the balcony and watch the zebras galloping towards you.
A little tip to start the carrots - cut them in half so you can easily throw them through the mini river that separates the rooms from the animals.
We probably tried more than ten times before we finally managed to swing a carrot on the mini river!
Keep trying until you get to grips with the situation (great opportunities to take pictures here) and do not worry if you do not have carrots anymore - you can call room service for more services. your room, for the price of nothing.

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2. Take some rest: soak in the pool, opt for massages and a spa
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If all these explorations in the jungle have exhausted you and you need a moment of relaxation, try to immerse yourself in the pool for a different view of the usual sea horizon.
Immerse yourself in the cold water to protect yourself from the heat while watching the zebra and the popular rhinoceros couple, Mrs. and Mrs. Nelson, in the exercise of their daily activities.
We even spotted a few guests as they went back, and talked with the elephant keeper who brought us on our own elephant trip!
Indulge yourself with a traditional Balinese massage.
You can even have your nails and hair done at Shifaa Spa!

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3. Dinner with the king of the jungle
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Join the lions for dinner at Tsavo Lion Restaurant, where you are invited to watch these majestic creatures practice their podium right next to you.
We could not leave the restaurant without taking at least a selfie with the beauties, which remained motionless and posed for us!
The restaurant serves delectable dishes ranging from Western delicacies such as Tasmanian salmon (IDR 150,000 / US $ 11.50) to Balinese specialties such as Crispy Duck Leg (IDR 180,000 / US $ 14) which is well worth the visit. tried.
They even have a spectacular dessert - the soaring banana that is prepared by a chef right in front of your eyes.
You may be expecting a softened banana after seeing the fire come out of the pan, but the pleasant texture of the banana is actually quite flexible and without excess.
This recipe is complemented by a scoop of vanilla ice cream that will delight your taste buds!
A children's menu is also available, with a range of options including soup, main courses, entrees and even a dessert almost as good as the "adult" menu!
Be warned however - there is a lion in the toilet who will watch you and cool off after your meal!

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4. Let the animals come on the scene: the petting zoo
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This is the moment of talent - for animals to show what they are good at!
You can watch cute guinea pigs and gummy poodles running on the stage, and cats running on a levitated pole!
Your kids will love touching these little furry domestic creatures and they can do it at the petting zoo. They will be delighted to watch these cute creatures just a few steps away.
After the show, do not forget to go nearby to take a picture of the playful orangutan of the show.
Be careful with your headgear though! The mischievous creature actually tried to sneak me!

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5. Board a Day Safari Journey Bus
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Discover the animals closely - instead of walking in different enclosures to observe them, get on a bus and be transported to their natural habitats.
Unlike other similar safari experiences, what I liked the most about this trip is the opportunity to meet animals from Indonesia, India and Africa.
We spotted bamboos, ostriches, giraffes, lion cubs and even a docile leopard!
Separated by a simple glass, you can imagine how much the children are screaming for joy watching the animals go by, right next to them! We even have the chance to see owls in their mini tree hole, in broad daylight.
The bus crosses a bumpy bridge where your guide will encourage you to sing "Ahhhhhhh" in unison, the essential song of the jungle. You will also learn interesting facts about these animals you see.
If you have never been so close to animals, it's really a bus ride that you run to catch!

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6. Be caged in a tiger pit
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Can you imagine a role reversal: are you now in the cage and your carnivorous predators hungry outside drooling you through the bars?
In Night Safari Journey, you will experience the most exciting safari park experience. You ride in a bus-cage equipped with snacks (for animals), which leaves in the dark jungle.
The bus stops at various stops where smart animals move towards the cage with the aroma of carrots (or maybe humans?). You can feed the nice elephants and zebras, who gnaw their sweet treats with joy.
When you see the huge doors and the cage passes two of these safety barriers, you know something is wrong: the danger is imminent.
And of course, the bus went into the tiger pit.
If you have young children with you, make sure they do not stick anything out of the cage!
At this moment, the bus of the cage stops and a tiger jumps on the cage. We actually felt her saliva flow on us as she engulfed the meat offered by a park warden.
And of course, how can we forget to install a video worthy of this moment?
It's as close as possible to a tiger, without you becoming his next meal!

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7. Revel in the drama that takes place at the legendary Agung Show
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An ingenious fusion of traditional puppet theater narrative methods and modern theater, Bali Agung presents Bali's most popular folk tale.
The story tells the story of 12th-century King Jaya Pangus and his marriage to the wealthy daughter of a Chinese merchant, Kang Ching Wie.
The glorious dance demonstration and magnificent staging highlight the integration of the two cultures, as well as the life of the village in the Balinese era.
And with each story, there is always a twist.
On a trip, one day, the king is shipwrecked and finds himself on an island. He fell in love with the beautiful goddess of the lake, Dewi Danu, wearing a majestic dress 10 meters long.
You will witness their love story, accompanied by the grave consequences of the king's mistake.
But it's not just a show about humans. Naturally, with the theater located in Bali Safari & Marine Park, animals also have a role to play!
Performed in the largest theater in Bali, Bali Agung had its 1,000th show in June 2014 with more than 180 members, including traditional Balinese instrument masters who help create a pleasant atmosphere.
With costumes and handmade accessories - including giant ones such as dragons and even a ship - the show is indeed a unique theatrical production that is worth it!

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8. Watch the elephants unfold their talents.
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At Bali Safari & Marine Park, you can visit the entertainment area, where you can watch elephants display their talents.
You will also learn more about the story of the conflict between elephants and humans and you will better understand the importance of saving the houses of these beautiful creatures.

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9. Watch them flare up during the fireworks
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Incorporating one of the main themes of the park, Africa, the fire and dance show gives a glimpse of African culture with a Balinese touch.
Under the starry sky, you will see passionate dancers and action doubles take the stage and perform a tribal dance accompanied by drum rhythms and all the screams you expect.
Certainly a show that your children will love to see, while the sparks illuminate the scene dramatically You can even stay behind to take selfies with the actors!

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10. Immerse yourself in exciting water attractions.
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The Safari and the Marine Park not only house a zoo, but also a mini theme park.
Your little ones will have a great time with the Merry Go Round and Climbing car, while their older children will become addicted to the most exciting games.
Get on the roller coaster for a wild time, we even managed to capture an aerial view of the area before turning around the tracks! (What a pity that we could not bring our camera with us on the trip!)
If that's not exciting enough, try the canal ride, which takes you on a big climb!
And a new ride, the hydraulic elevator, makes you turn down so fast that it will speed up your heart.
Just a suggestion: if you are an adventure seeker like me, but hate to get wet, there is no reason why you should give up the fun in water rides.
Just put on a raincoat!
If your children love to wallow in the water, there is a water park that will keep them busy while you soak in the pools or catch up with a little swimming definitely one of the best ways to cool off in the humid heat of Bali.

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11. Watch how the piranhas destroy their prey.
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Not everyone has the opportunity to see a tank full of piranhas.
These small but aggressive creatures remain in position as a perfectly painted image, until the time of the meal.
And you can watch them devour a whole chicken in less than five minutes!
They told us that when these carnivorous creatures are too hungry, they even attack and consume their tankmates!
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12. Learn to dance like a traditional Balinese.
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You will be transported to the past in the Bali Village in the park, which really reflects the days of Old Bali.
And you'll never believe it: the free traditional Balinese dance lessons are really available! All you have to do is approach the staff of the cabin located near the Uma Restaurant to learn the dance.
You can learn from the art masters who have been working on it for years, and take home what you learned as a unique memory.
You will also find admirable costumes and characters made by hand on the road.

13. Dine next to mini rice fields - Restaurante Uma
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Bali is well known for its rice fields, and this view is what you will get while dining on the balcony of the Uma restaurant.
Right outside the restaurant, rice is grown that is probably used in the restaurant!
As this was one of our first experiences with the rice fields in Indonesia, unknowingly, we were captivated by the work of a farmer, while performing his daily care routine for his precious crops.
With a variety of food options ranging from Indonesian cuisines to Italian specialties such as pasta, they honestly spoiled us!
There is even a playground to keep your children entertained while slowly enjoying the delicious dishes.

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