Top 8 Unique Things to do in Goa. Enjoy Your Goa Family Holiday Package

Goa Family Holiday Packages
Goa is a hotspot for tourists from all over India and the world. So many great beaches, great restaurants, shops and so much more, that's why it's become a destination of choice. Divided between the north and south of the state, you will surely find that Goa is not only a destination of choice for the beach, but also offers many fun activities. Here we look at some of the things to do in Goa, north and south.

North Goa Attractions

1. For sunbathing and nightlife, visit Baga
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Located north of Goa, Baga must be the most famous and busiest beach in the state. but do not be discouraged from visiting this iconic tourist destination.
Rent a hut on the beach, visit the flea market and be sure to sample fresh and delicious seafood at one of the many excellent restaurants here. The nightlife around the beach is also exciting with its many clubs, bars and pubs that welcome all the thousands of tourists and locals who flock there.

Top Tip: Discover St. Anthony's Seafood and Nightlife in the Area

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2. Learn about Goa history at the Goa State Museum
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With more than eight thousand historical artifacts on display, the Goa State Museum is a must-see tour not only for history buffs, but for anyone wishing to discover Goa's past.
The state-run archeology museum is well maintained and includes an extensive collection of stone, wood and bronze statues, as well as many artifacts, precious coins, religious texts and much more. miss.

Tip: go early and beat the crowds

3. Explore history at Chapora Fort
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More than 400 years ago, the Chapora Fort was an observation post for the Portuguese who ruled Goa for more than a century. Although in ruins, the basic structure is still impressive and constitutes an ideal point of view, overlooking the magnificent beaches of Vagator and Anjuna.
Explore the fort and its surroundings if you feel like trekking and a bit of history. evacuation tunnels are particularly exciting.

Tip: do not forget your camera

4. Visit the Pier Dona Paula
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Dona Paula is a popular tourist spot located near the state capital, Panjim. Besides the fact that it is a hub of accommodation for visitors, it is also home to the National Institute of Oceanography of India.
With some good restaurants and beautifully maintained heritage sites, the place can be crowded, but the monsoon is less dense, more relaxed and romantic.

Top Tip: Visit the monument of Dona Paula on the islet connected to the mainland by a small bridge

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5. Discover the Mangueshi temple, an ancient wonder
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One of the largest temples in Goa is the magnificent Mangueshi temple, dedicated to the god Mangesh, a reincarnation of Shiva. The almost 500-year-old structure is well maintained and houses several ancient artifacts.
The water reservoir, the meeting room, the lamp tower, the chandeliers, among many other remains, make this temple a place of worship and religion, but also an amazing place of history and archeology.

Tip: Dozens of religious holidays are celebrated here every year

6. Stay in a houseboat on the Chapora River
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What's more relaxing than spending a day or two on a houseboat drifting in the backwaters of Goa? Watch the traditional fishing done by local fishermen and enjoy the catch of the day, water at your table, aboard one of these picturesque ships.
The scenery is spectacular and there is probably no better way to enjoy the beauty of the surroundings.

Top Tip: boats do not work during the monsoon

7. Go shopping at Anjuna Beach Flea Market
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Every Wednesday, Anjuna Beach hosts the local flea market. Visited by hundreds of tourists and locals every week, you will find almost everything here and at a great price.
Be on the lookout for souvenirs, clothes, artifacts, crafts and gifts to bring back with you, but do not miss the food here; Booths run by locals selling Goa's traditional and delicious cuisine as well as many foreigners from all over the world are trying to earn a few extra dollars by selling authentic international dishes at the same location.

Tip: Improve your bargaining skills here

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8. Water Sports in Calangute
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Calangute is where everything goes in North Goa. A hub for tourists, this place is famous for its many restaurants (such as Infantaria and Souza Lobo).

Then there are water sports. You can go paragliding, dolphin watching, a banana boat ride and much more in Calangute.

Tip:  Eat some Choris Pao in one of the huts on the beach.

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