Top 5 Unique Things to do in Gujarat

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Gujarat is located in western India and is often cited as "the jewel of western India". The terrain is a little dry but this does not prevent this state from creating attractive memories for travelers. Whether it's the unique Gir National Park or the enchanting White Rann landscape, Gujarat can surely leave an enchanted traveler. Here is a list of things to do in Gujarat, from my personal experiences.

1. Admire Lake Kankaria
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Built by Sultan Qutb-ud-Din in 1951, Lake Kankaria is located in Ahmedabad. It is one of the largest lakes in the city and a major tourist attraction. Lake Kankaria is home to a summer palace called Nagina Wadi, located in the center of the lake. This artificial island is famous for its garden and its night show. The park is famous among visitors because there is something for everyone, no matter how old they are. The lake is home to other attractions such as a recreation center, children's gardens, a zoo, a museum and a boat club offering boat rides on the lake. The zoo at the lake has different animals like elephants, tigers, pythons, anacondas and others. The zoo extends over 21 acres. The garden is said to include attractive places like a boat house, a toy house, a mirror house and a planetarium for kids. The lakeside toy trains take you around the lake. The balloon safari near the lake is also very popular with tourists. Include this in your to-do list in Gujarat if you can admire sumptuous gardens.

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2. Admire the architecture at Laxmi Vilas Palace
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This magnificent palace located in Vadodara, Gujarat, is an excellent example of the brilliant architecture of the past. The palace is spread over 700 acres of land and was built by the Maharaja Sayaji Rao, the third during the period 1878-1890. The intricate interiors and the splendid furniture of the palace will leave you speechless. The palace also includes a museum which houses a valuable collection of works of art, sculptures, coats of arms, etc. The museum also includes rare paintings by the renowned painter Raja Ravi Varma. The palace zoo is inhabited by crocodiles and peacocks. For architecture lovers, Laxmi Vilas is an essential part of your list of activities to do in Gujarat.

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3. Revel in the Girnar adventure
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Also known as Revatak Pravata or Girinagar, this place includes a mountain range in Junagadh district. The district is located near Junagadh, Gujarat. The mountains are considered a sacred place of pilgrimage for Hindus and Jains. The place is also famous for the Girnar Parikrama festival. There are many adventures to wait for as you walk to the top. The view from the top is just amazing! For the seeker of nature in you, it is strongly recommended to include it in your activities in Gujarat.

4. Visit the Akshardham Temple
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Known as Swaminarayan Akshardham, this temple is located in Gandhinagar. This is a massive Hindu temple that was built in honor of Swaminarayan, his life and his sermons. The temple took 13 years for construction. The Akshardham Mandir was built with 6,000 tons of pink sandstone imported from Rajasthan. The temple is said to have 8 balconies, 17 domes, 97 carved pillars, 220 stone beams and about 264 carved figures. The temple was built according to the principles of Vedic architecture. Visit this temple to admire the royal face given to the temple.

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5. Go bird watching at Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary
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This ornithological reserve is located about 10 km from Jamnagar. The sanctuary covers 605 hectares of land and is a destination of choice for migratory birds of more than 300 types. More than 300 species of birds live in this sanctuary. The sanctuary has become a safe haven for birds since 1982. The sanctuary has a large number of freshwater lakes, mangroves and salt marshes that attract a large number of migratory birds of all kinds. There are also 3 watchtowers built which give the tourist a privileged location to observe the birds. The area also offers pedalos if you want to explore the area. If you like to observe birds, you should definitely include this in your activities in Gujarat.
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