The 9 Best Desert Resorts in the Persian Gulf

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Watch yourself sitting in your air-conditioned house with your chilled water and amenities. We bet you have never even set foot in the desert! Well, my friend with a comfortable temperament, this is the perfect opportunity to dive into the sandy dunes at your door, as we have selected ten of the best resorts in the desert to allow you to relax and live a real desert life, ice water and amenities of course) ...

1. Six Senses Zighy Bay, Oman
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Located under the spectacular mountains of Al Hajar, Oman, on a white sand and limestone beach, not far from Dibba, Six Senses Zighy Bay is only accessible by four-wheel drive and speedboat. If you are brave, you can go to the resort by paragliding from a hill overlooking its beautiful location.

Its spacious stone villas, nestled among thousands of date palms and sandy trails (the best barefoot or bike ride), are engulfed by fruit trees. The villas are equipped with deep pools, terraces, gigantic bathrooms and outdoor showers.

There are many restaurants serving products from the resort's abundant organic garden. A meal at Sense on the Edge, a gourmet restaurant located on top of a mountain, is not to be missed. The on-site spa impresses with its skilled therapists and renowned practitioners who offer an evolving program of treatments, exercise therapies and wellness.

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2. Arabian Night Village, UAE
Cheap Dubai Holiday PackagesLocated in Abu Dhabi's Al Khatim Desert, this understated property features Emirates-themed accommodations - stone bungalows, barasti houses inspired by traditional coastal residences, and traditional Bedouin tents with the latest modern conveniences. And inside Fort Al Manhal's tower, you'll also find three plush presidential chambers. Each of the accommodation options features interiors with rich fabrics, natural materials and authentic, traditional patterns.

There is a large swimming pool, and all meals are taken at Al Maqam, which means "the gathering place".

3. Anantara Sir Bani Yas Island Resorts, United Arab Emirates
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As one of the largest natural islands in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, Sir Bani Yas was established in 1971 by the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, founding President of the United Arab Emirates, one of the most important wildlife sanctuaries in the Middle East. Today, there are more than 13,000 animals on the island, including the Arabian Oryx, giraffe, deer, antelope, blue-necked ostrich and even the striped hyena and cheetah. Sudan.

Although its turquoise coastline is ideal for swimming, snorkelling or stand-up paddle-surfing, it is a good place to watch long-necked dolphins. Three Anantara properties (Al Sahel Villa Resort and Al Yamm Villa Resort) are spread over Sir Bani Yas and each offers an experience distinct from that of its location.

4. Bab Al Shams Desert Resort and Spa, UAE              
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Popular with UAE expats, this desert destination may be just a 40-minute drive from the center of Dubai, but once there, you'll feel like you're millions of miles away or. Bab Al Shams (the name is a literal translation of the Arabic meaning "door of the sun") is built to look like a strong Arab-style low with a maze of dark corridors, courtyards, fountains and pools. There are several restaurants and bars where to dine, a spa and many activities.

5. Desert Nights Camp, Oman
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This enchanting and comfortable camp is located in Wahiba Sands, a two-hour drive southeast of the Omani capital, Muscat. Spread over acres of picturesque landscapes, it is surrounded by dunes and wadis.

The style is chic and desert. The Bedouin tents are well appointed with luxurious furnishings. In addition to walking around the dunes freely during the day, you can also visit a nearby fort, the souk and the Bedouin family's house or try the quad among other adventures.

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6. Al Wadi Desert, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE
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The Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah is located in the north-east of Dubai and, next to its date farms and pristine seaside resorts, it is also home to the Al Wadi Desert, an isolated five-star resort nestled in the middle of Dream terracotta dunes in a vast nature reserve. .

Everything about this hotel, designed to be as sustainable as possible, blends in perfectly with the environment. The on-site spa is a popular retreat in the area, renowned for its innovative care. Rainforest Experience is a highlight. It is a journey rich in hydrothermal experiments.

The highlights of the catering include everything from private barbecue in the desert to dinner on the roof of a watchtower under the stars. Many activities are proposed, the most romantic perhaps being a horse ride at sunrise through the dunes, which will allow you to see gazelles and oryx.

7. Anantara Resort Al Jabal Al Akhdar, Oman
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Located on the plateau of Saiq, on the green mountain of Oman, in the central part of the ancient mountains of Al Hajar, this newly opened complex is located at 2,000 meters above sea level, at the edge of a spectacular canyon. There is a whole range of rooms and villas facing cliffs (with huge deep private pools) and the sumptuous, three-story, gigantic Royal Mountain Villa is as splendid as it sounds. The on-site spa is a wonderful retreat in itself, offering a full treatment menu with innovative therapies. When you do not relax, different activities are offered, from mountain biking to hiking, through cooking classes, village tours, etc.

8. Al Maha Desert Resort, UAE
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As the only commercial property on the protected lands of the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, the Al Maha Desert Resort is literally an oasis of luxury. After the 65 km drive to Dubai, simply cleaning the doors of the conservation area is a daunting task, even before seeing the rooms (which are all independent villas).

The resort is proud to be respectful of the environment and the atmosphere is so peaceful that it is common to find oryx and gazelles escaping from the villa's private pools and enjoying views of the magnificent view of the resort. the dunes. Originally built as a private retreat in the desert for the royal Sheikhs, a stay in this award-winning resort is not cheap, but it is worth it.

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9. Alila Jabal Akhdar, Oman
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Near Alara Al Jabal Al Akhdar complex, the Alila property is also perched at an altitude of 2,000 meters at the top of Oman's green mountain. This upscale resort is built from local stone and wood and offers a variety of dining options.

Given the setting, it is obvious that one of the most striking features of the resort is the magnificent view it offers on its steep and unspoiled surroundings. The region is an area to explore. Enjoy exciting excursions and "Alila experiences" available.

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