9 reasons why a honeymoon in the Maldives is sexier than any other place

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The beaches of the Maldives, most of which are not touched by human feet, are a getaway unlike any seaside destination. Imagine lying with your partner on white and white sand, bathing in azure waters while you are alone on an entire island. The intimate setting that the country offers couples makes a honeymoon in the Maldives different from the others.

Without the hustle and bustle of distracting tourists, you can really enjoy not only the unspoiled beauty of nature, but also the peaceful companionship of everyone, especially on a romantic honeymoon. There are a lot of things to do in the Maldives; whether it's an exciting water sport or a couples massage in an exotic spa. Take a look and see if you are tempted to surrender.

1. Explore the islands
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 Become a nomad during your holidays in the Maldives and wake up on a different island each morning with your love. The country has 1,192 coral islands, some famous for their deep-sea fish, others for their bright coral reefs and colorful fish. Go from one island to another and discover all that the country has to offer.

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2. Visit the glowing beach
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As you get used to the water on the beach, be sure to stand on the vivid beach of Vaadhoo Island, alongside your lover, for an unforgettable experience. The famous beach lights up at night because of the rare glowing tides that rinse the shore at night and offer a magnificent view that is a moment to seize absolutely.

3. Go on a Cruise
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Rather than stay in a resort, experience the onboard cruise with your partner and watch the vastness of the sea. Ships take you to secluded islands and deserted beaches for an intimate vacation surrounded by the incomparable beauty of the island.

4. Explore Male
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Spend a day in Malé, the capital of Maldives, and do some sightseeing. The Maldives National Museum, Maldivian Great Friday Mosque, Maldives Fish Market and Esjehi Art Gallery are some of the interesting places to visit in the city. The capital will certainly give you many opportunities to spend the day and enjoy the culture of this island country.

5. Take a ride on Dhoni
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Imagine sailing in the middle of crystal clear blue water with your best half. Fascinating is not it? Stroll through a dhoni, a coconut palm cruiser, for a relaxing day. Swim and snorkel in the morning, enjoy a fresh seafood barbecue and watch the birds for a cool day with your better half.

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6. Plan a massage at the spa for couples
Plan a massage at the spa for couples

Of course, you can visit a spa anywhere, but in the Maldives you can get almost all treatments in the world and that also lives up to its luxury. A day at the spa with your partner will surely become an unforgettable experience for both of you. Also be sure to take advantage of traditional healing methods handed down from generation to generation by Hakeem (healing experts).

7. Go Fishing
Go Fishing
If you feel a little too relaxed, enjoy the satisfaction of fishing and cooking your own fish by taking a night out fishing on the reef. Grab a fish followed by a barbecue for a romantic and unusual dinner with a star, while enjoying the pleasant breeze and pristine surroundings.

8. Take a floatplane ride
Take a floatplane ride
Let yourself be enchanted by the islands in a De Havilland Twin Otter seaplane. Ideal for sightseeing, an excursion will offer you a panoramic view of shallow lagoons, fishing villages, dolphin beds, mantas and rays in crystal clear waters.

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9.Dinner underwater 
Dinner underwater
Enjoy a spectacular dinner at the Ithaa submarine aquarium restaurant. If you feel a bit more romantic, spend a night here watching the aquamarine waters next to your sweetheart, followed by a champagne breakfast in the morning.

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