What are the genuine reasons to visit Goa this monsoon?

Beach is not the only thing you can enjoy in Goa. There are so many other things you can enjoy in Goa, specifically when the monsoon comes. Blessed with unmatched natural beauty and lush greenery all around, Goa is perfect for spending vacations during monsoon.

Monsoon is considered off-season in Goa and hence fewer people come to visit it. And this is the reason tourists get a high discount on hotels during this season. Let’s see what fun you can have during this season.

Visit Wildlife Sanctuaries
You will be surprised to know that sanctuaries in Goa are open all year around. These sanctuaries look like recently washed during the months of monsoon. One of the most popular wildlife sanctuary in Goa is Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary which is located in North Goa near Valpoi. Bhagwan Mahavir Sanctuary and Mollem National Park are also popular wildlife sanctuaries located on Goa Karnataka Border.

Book a luxurious hotel room at cheap prices
From the luxurious high-end hotels to the comfortable budget hotels, Goa is bustled with all kinds of hotels. As you are planning to visit Goa in monsoons, Goan hotels offer the best budget price during this season. Just book your favourite hotel and avail best discounts during this season.

Enjoy the rain
Goa becomes a magical beauty during the season of monsoon. The rainy season transforms Goa into a paradise for tourists and people love to flock it. Stroll along the beautiful coastlines. If an adventurous soul is teasing you inside, you can hike up to Fort Chapora and watch raindrops diving into the sea. If you are just looking for relaxation, sit on the balcony of your hotel and enjoy the rainfall with a cup of hot coffee or tea.

Enjoy Lush Greenery all around and rejuvenate with Ayurveda Treatments
The monsoon season invites lush greenery all around. People love to flock to Goa during monsoons as you can enjoy Ayurvedic treatments too during this season. You should visit Goa as this is an ideal place to enjoy an Ayurvedic massage, Spa, and Yoga during this season.

Rush to the Waterfalls
Surrounded by lush greenery, Goa is blessed with a lot of waterfalls and it is popular among travellers. Dudhsagar is the most popular waterfall amongst all as it is known for its milky white water. Its falling water from the height of 301 meters looks stunning. Trekking is the most popular activity at Dudhsagar Falls and there are four trekking routes you can take to reach the falls.

Amazing Nightlife
The headbanging performances, cocktail drinks, interesting people; all offer a fair share in making Goa’s nightlife amazing. You can head to the Park Hote in Calangute or enjoy live music at the Cavala, on Baga-Calangute Road. And you should know that Goa is the only state where Gambling is legal and you can enjoy gambling in floating casinos.

If you want to enjoy Goa’s extreme beauty, you should visit it during Monsoons. Book cheap Goa Tour Packages for the coming monsoons and enjoy the beauty of Royal State.

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