Visit some secret hangout places in Dubai: Probably you didn’t know about them

Some praiseful words in the favour of Dubai: Man-made marvels, skyscrapers that are almost touching the sky, palm-fringed beaches, and the land of holding biggest desert. It was Burj Khalifa, who gave a shocked feeling to the whole world when it was introduced.

Now, people only know about Burj Khalifa, Dubai Fountain, Dubai Mall, and Palm Island. But you need to know that there are so many places worth visiting. Though you have already visited Dubai some of the places were still out of your reach because you didn’t know about them. Let me introduce you to some of the hidden-hangout places in Dubai:

Al-Mamzar Beach Park
If a family is travelling with their children, then a mesmerizing place called Al Mamzar Beach Park is available for them. This is a white beach with air-conditioned chalets on rent in Deira. So you don’t need to worry about scorching heat there.

The refreshing part is that a pool is also there for diving. Still behind the end – there are picnic spots too with barbeques, restaurants, bicycle rentals, snack bars, and skating arena as well. So you should spend a day at this park with your children.

The Majlis Cafe, Jumeirah Mosque
Have you given a try to the camel milk ever? It’s not that awkward you are thinking. Instead of awkward, it’s healthy and tasteful. Next time you visit Dubai, don’t forget to try tasting the camel milk.

You can have it Majlis Café near the beautiful Jumeirah Mosque. It’s not that you will be served with direct milk. Instead, you will be served with an amazing pistachio ice-cream made from the camel milk. It does not end up here as you can order coffee, shakes, cheese and creams and all are made of camel milk.

The Coffee Museum
Forget malls and souks for a few hours and visit The Coffee Museum in the historical district of Al Fahidi. You will be stunned with your first step into the shop-cum-museum-cum cultural hall of The Coffee Museum.

Whatever relates coffee, you can find here in the coffee house. From the books on the history of coffee to the Barista equipment and brewing machines, almost everything is related to the coffee world. So just make your plan, go and explore by yourself.

Al-Serkal Avenue
Once an industrial warehouse site is now housing Dubai’s coolest and art culture scene. And the place is called Al Serkal Avenue. There are art galleries worth exploring, coffee shops for chitchats, watch the world go by, and much more.

You will be happy to know that you can join art classes, workshops, and exhibitions. This is one place where you can explore so many interesting things with your family or friends.

XVA Art Hotel
Located in AL Fahidi District, is the XVA Art Hotel. There are so many excellent hotels in Dubai but you need to understand that few of the places remain worth visiting because of their specific qualities and XVA Art Hotel is one of them.

The hotel is unique because all of its rooms are designed individually and thoughtfully. This old residence also has an XVA café that only serves Middle Eastern Vegetarian Meals. The most exciting thing about this hotel is its art gallery and design shop. Solace can own you if you go to the starry rooftop.

Spare some time to rush offbeat places as some of them may hit you extremely interesting. You must include them in your Dubai tour packages.

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