5 Reasons that are making the Maldives sexier than any other place

From the pristine and adventurous beaches to the sightseeing tours, Maldives is ultra romantic in all the corners. Imagine a morning you are laying on the soft white sand of a beach with your partner. The intimate settings of the Island country offer multiple opportunities of romancing to the couples.

Look at the things that are making Maldives super-romantic:

Try different Island every day

Be nomadic on your holiday in the Maldives and spend every romantic evening at a new Island with your partner. The wonderful part is that country has 1,192 coral Islands and some of them are famous for their deep sea fish while others are famous for vibrant coral reefs and colourful reef fish. Enjoy Island hopping from one resort to another and see everything country has to offer.

Enjoy Cruising throughout the country

Staying in a resort all day is not the perfect thing for enjoying. Instead of doing that, try live-board cruises with your partner. The ship cruises you to remote inhabited Islands and desert beaches for an intimating holiday experience. Onboard music, dance, and drinks are also one of the most romantic experience to have.

Explore the gorgeous beach town – Male

It is recommended to spend a day in Male and do some tourist sightseeing. Some of the most interesting and must-see places to visit are Maldives National Museum, Maldives Grand Friday Mosque, Maldives Fish Market, and The Esjehi Art Gallery.

Join a Couple Spa

A spa can be visited anywhere in the world but in the Maldives, the standard of spa elevates differently with a premium luxury. A day spending at spa centre with your partner is surely an unforgettable experience for the both of you. The traditional healing methods at the spa centres in the Maldives are being transferred from generation to the generation by hakeembee ( The Healing Experts)

Do underwater romance

Imagine a restaurant built of glass the under the crystal clear water. Yes, the Ithaa underwater aquarium restaurant is that kind of restaurant that is built of a glass tube and it is placed deep inside the sea. Not only dining, the restaurant is capable of providing a night stay too. You can enjoy a champagne breakfast in the morning.

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